Video and pics

Check out this video I shot from the top of Haling Mountain in Cambodia (elevation 1,455 meters) right on the border last week. The view out onto Nam Ghong PPA was simply stupendous. Here’s the link.


The above pic shows “Halang” mountain, which is part of the Haling-Halang massif that straddles the Cambodia-Laos border in Virachey and NGPPA. If this is your first time viewing this blog then scroll down for the maps to get a better sense of the area that this blog is devoted to (actually you need to click on the link at the bottom for those maps to take you back to the previous post).


2 thoughts on “Video and pics

    • When we were on Phnom Haling on the border we could look far to the east and see what looked like a massive white gash in the side of one of the Nam Ghong mountains. That gash was probably 10-12km to the east near the Dragon’s Tail area. Also, almost directly behind Phnom Haling is a taller mountain in Nam Ghong called Mor Mountain. There is clearly a trail that leads over the top of that mountain and into Virachey, and I imagine that’s the trail that the Vietnamese gang uses to poach in the Phnom Haling and O Gan Yu River area. The same poachers have been showing up on our cams for years. My guess is that they are Vietnamese who live in Attapeu.

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